Sometimes this is the best way to arrive for a lesson.


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A Couple of Notices

For years, I have required a Strangles vaccine for all the regular residents of Carmel River Ranch.  This is an annual vaccination that is best given separately from the regular fall vaccinations because it is a live virus. Monterey County Equine will give this vaccine on Monday, September 19.  You do not need to be present to have your horse vaccinated.

Yup, we have a rat problem.  Tux is doing his level best to keep up with the nasty little devils, but he is not making headway.  Please be sure to store all your feed in heavy plastic or metal containers with LIDS.  Those rats can go right through burlap, plastic bags, paper bags, or cardboard.  I have thrown out a fair amount of feed lately.  So…..cover your expensive purchases.  Thanks!!!

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Just a Dang Good Picture

Terrible trio

This trio is watching intently, and LEARNING. Margaret Pare, Maribeth Darras, and Kelly Saunders are always supportive of one another.  I do not have a photo of Maribeth on her wonderful Andy, but they receive the Clifford Horse Training Award for most improved.  Maribeth has not owned Andy (Sanjo Lights) for long, but their future is bright.  In the toughest of all divisions, the Advanced, they have proven that they can be completely competitive in every class.  And you should see this gal learning to circle a cow.  The fine horse?  He’s already got it down.

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Great Performances

Mei Mei Trots.png

Not every performance results in a win.  Sometimes, certain performances represent victories of other kinds.  Some of the following classes were won.  Some were not.  But in each case the horse and rider revealed huge improvement, fortitude, sportsmanship, or competitive spirit.  Each who is mentioned here will know WHY they are mentioned:

Mei Mei Dorrance  in Trail

Jennifer Harden and Rummy in Cutting

Cheri Gladstone in Cutting

Dawn Poston in Reining

Randy Goodchild in Ranch Riding

Pat Grant in Cow Horse

Karin Zofcin in Reining

Kim Donlon in Ranch Riding

Kelly Saunders in Ranch Riding

Maribeth Darras in Reining, Cutting, Ranch Riding, and Cow Horse.

Carol Kurtz in Ranch Riding

Alexi Connell in Cutting




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Walk/Trot Victory

Linda laugns

No one was happier to win her division than Linda Hathaway on Busy Dancing.  This pair is ready and willing to move into the Novice division next year.  I am so grateful to Chris Bugenig for her hard work in bringing this division to us.

Gerry and Rio

I was beyond proud of Gerry Montgomery and Rio in the Walk/Trot.  They performed solidly in every Walk/Trot class.  Look out, Ranch Roundup, here they come!


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Youth Winners

Lauren and Armita.png

Winning is a regular habit for Lauren Langbaum and Colonel’s Disco, shown in the right.  But she was chased throughout the day by her friend Armita Gohary with Topsails Smokin Hawk.  It’s such a pleasure to watch these young ladies ride and compete.  We are proud to have them as a part of GSVRHA.

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New Horse, New Start

Alexi Lopes.png

And what a start it was for Alexi Connell and Sizzln Cat! They came away with the Novice Championship.  Even in the short time that Alexi has owned this horse, I have seen huge improvement in skill and confidence.  They deserved this win!!

Cheri Smiles

However, Alexi’s win did not come easily.  She was challenged throughout the day by Cheri Glaldstone and Smart Chic Style.  This pair just keeps improving.  They came away with wins in Cutting AND Ranch Riding.  So those cattle classes are winners for her too!!

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