Let’s Keep Those Competition Muscles Flexed

I plan to attend some events this winter that will allow us to keep ourselves involved in competitions…..and continuing to improve.

First, I would like to attend some Dressage Schooling Shows, competing in Western Dressage, at the Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club.  You can look up these events on the cvtsc.org website, but the first show is scheduled for Saturday, December 17.  I have found that Western Dressage can help in precise body control, which is required in every single versatility event.  Also, there is a Western Dressage level for EVERYBODY.

Secondly, I would like to attend the Gabilan Cutting shows, when possible. I believe the next show is tentatively scheduled for January 21.  The last class of the day is usually Ranch Cutting, where we can get exposure to cattle and hone our cutting skills.  The shows are fairly local, and we would not have to arrive early, knowing that we are focused on the final class of the day. Each competitor does have to join the Gabilan Cutters Association.  Their website is gabilancuttersinc.com.  We are allowed to use our reins in ranch cutting.

So….what say you??  If you are interested in any of these events, let me know.  I can help to SIGN YOU UP!!jack-carrel-logo


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Welcome to Charmain Weiser….and Millie and Sonny


Charmain (in pink) is shown with her two recent purchases, Millie and Sonny.  These fabulous horses were purchased from Dan and Toni Heath. Toni is pictured on the right.  They are both accomplished reined cow horses, on their way to a versatility career.  Sonny, the dun, will be joining us at Carmel River Ranch for some training in December.  Can’t wait to see where this rider and her lovely horses will go.  It has been exciting to watch their progress in the short time that they have been working together.  Let’s give them a great big welcome.

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Just a Darn Good Picture. We had Fun in Arizona!

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Congratulations to Carol Kurtz


We are so excited for Carol and her purchase of this fine fellow, Forest  (Master Freckles Boy). Forest has BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  I have watched him compete successfully in versatility, and he has all the ability to compete at any level.  But….best of all….I have seen how comfortable Carol is on the sensible, quiet, capable, athletic animal.  In fact, I have never seen Carol stay happily on any horse the way she stays happily on Forest.  Good purchase, Carol!!  We all look forward to watching you progress and gain confidence with this lovely guy.

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Yum! Green Grass


It’s also that time of year when we have access to healthy, wonderful green grass.  Here, Kim Donlon’s Dixie samples our Carmel River Ranch fare.  I am fine with you turning your horses loose to graze outside of the pastures.  But here are some simple rules:

Keep your eye on your horse always.  They can get into all sorts of trouble if you are not aware of where they are at all times.

Do not allow your horse to graze in the space between the arena and the first pasture.  Horrible things can happen to both your horse and my mechanical cow should they get tangled in those lines.

Please capture your horse should they get running or excited in any way.  I do recommend that the front gate be closed during any free grazing.

If your horse is grazing loose with other horses, make sure they are compatible.  They may need to be socialized as carefully as any of the horses that live together in pasures.




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We Have a New Gate


This gate, into the “middle” pasture, should prevent several of you from having to wade through knee-deep soup to reach your horses and extract them from the pasture. Finally!  I would ask you not to feed your horses through this gate or encourage them to congregate here.  Also, use the other gate when the pastures are dry.  This should prevent us from having another lake form at this gate.

And yes, I plan to do another such gate into the first pasture (Piper, Casino, Jett, Utah) in the near future.

Thanks to Alejandro, the very same guy who built all these fences.

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It’s “That Time of Year”


“What time of year?” you may ask.  Well, it’s the time of year that we slow way down on the showing.  There are time for trail rides, just as above, where we cross the bridge into Garland Park. These excursions are so good for our horses, keeping them exposed and mentally balanced.

But it’s also time for some goal setting.  I have enjoyed talking to many of you about what your goals are in the upcoming year.  Goals are a key part of having your horse in training and progressing as you go forward.  If you have not have a conversation with me about your goals, give it some thought and we will HAVE that chat.  Each of you and your horse and your relationship with that horse is an individual case.  Your goals could be specific or broad, but I would like to be part of helping you to reach those goals.

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