Ranch Horse Journal Article

Those of you who do not subscribe to Ranch Horse Journal can now read this article online.   See page 68.




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Look Who’s Back in the Saddle


It’s Suzanne Dorrance and Pepsi Tonic!

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Bev and Finn….Most Improved

In each show, there is a horse/rider pair that are stand-outs for how hard they have worked and how much they have improved.  Bev Sparrowk and Finn earned a 72.5 for this limited run.  It’s amazing how much this talented and high energy horse has improved.  As he moves on to a new home, he is a much better horse for the time that Bev has spent with him.

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It Was an Honor……

Albert + Todd - CV GSVRHA 2017

I so enjoyed showing Todd Miller’s fabulous Reysilent (aka Albert).  This talented horse competed in the Open division and really held his own as a four-year-old.  He was a true gentleman all weekend, and the future for Todd and Albert is bright.

Also, big thanks to Todd for helping me to get two horses shown.  I could not have done it without him.

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And Who is This Beautiful Pair??


Most of you know Kensley Hennessey, Barbara Ditmore’s granddaughter who has been riding my wonderful Jack.

Well…….Kensley is not the proud new owner of the beautiful horse.  His name is Genuinely Code Red, but he needs a barn name……


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Stirrup Winners

Stirrup winners

High point winners in each event, regardless of division, were given a beautiful set of stirrups.  Congrats to all.  Go Dawn Poston in Ranch Riding!! Other winners are Heather Bryant and Bruce Blodgett. Standing to the right in  many of these photos is WSVRHA president, and the person who presented the year-end awards, Becky Grant.

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Year End Winners

Novice winners

Novice champ, Bruce Blodgett, Reserve year-end Heather Bryant, and third overall Charmain Weiser.

Limited Winners

Limited year-end champ Alexi Connell, Reserve champ Kim Donlon, third overall Bev Sparrowk.  I love this photo because it’s one big WOO HOO for Clifford Horse Training.Intermediate winners

Intermediate third overall Rebecca Winfield (from New Mexico), Reserve champ Mary Nelson (we love you, Mary), champ Dawn Poston (woo hoo CHT)._DSC4250

Advanced year-end winners: Reserve champ Maribeth Darras (woo hoo CHT), champ Leslie Vitale, third overall Becky Grant. Great group!!

Open year end winners

Open year-end high point champ Kathy Torres, Reserve champ Sarah Clifford, third overall Bob Grant.

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