Welcome to a perfect pair


This is an old friend, Kim Jones. I am so happy to be working with her and her great Morgan filly, Penny Royale. Kim raised this filly herself, out of her own good mare. You may have seen Penny, living down in the end in the easement paddock at Carmel River Ranch. Thanks to a good start in the Buck Brannaman clinic, and to help from Isaac, Penny is off to a good start, and Kim is confidently riding her. It’s rare to see a horse move so quickly in these early stages, but Penny is so smart and sensible, the best of her breed. This is fun!!!

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Meet Alex Roberts


Many of you have already met Alex, who is feeding and cleaning on many Sundays.  Alex comes to us from Louisiana, via the Marines and the Defense Language Institute.  In exchange for her hard work, she is riding Jack on Saturdays.  Already an experienced rider, it is fun to watch her made progress on this amazing 27 year old guy.  It’s been a joy having Alex around.

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Clearer Version of Previous Chica Post

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This Guy Has Been Such an Asset

Isaac and Weston

Thanks, Isaac Carrel, for all your hard work at the Sparrowk show.  You have learned so quickly, worked so hard, and added so much to my program.

Here, Isaac gives a lesson to Weston Bailey on the intrepid pony, Toby.


Whether he’s hitting a fast ball or sliding a horse, the success rate is high.

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Big Thanks to Bev Sparrowk and Cori Stevenson


Bev’s event has become bigger, smoother, and better every year.  A big part of that is her hard working secretary and GSVRHA board member, Cori Stevenson.  These two are quite the team.  This year they experimented with a whole new format, with a  day and a half clinic and a Trail class that was completed on Saturday afternoon and evening.


Here, Bev and Jennifer Harden represent Team Clifford.  I love this pic.  Both rode really well in their respective divisions.  Kudos to them.

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Special Horse and Rider


Each show I like to name a special performance.  I usually choose this horse and rider because of the dedication and improvement that they represent.  For the Sparrowk show, that rider is Amy Dore with her young and talented Ronni (Rockin In The Sand).  Ronni is only four, and was unshown when Amy purchased him.  Amy herself had very little show experience.  Yet they have now completed their first full versatility, and they held their own in the huge novice division, consistently placing in the top half.  I love Amy’s dedication, Ronni’s talent, and the bright future that is clearly ahead of them.  The learning curve is very steep for these two, but neither one seems discouraged.  I love the “guts” and desire of both of them. I love the bright, positive attitude that both of them have.  It has been a delight.

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Novice Stars


Peter Smoot and Dillon (Starlight Dillon) have only shown together one other time.  But they came away with the Reserve Championship in the GIANT Novice division.  I am really enjoying this pair as they learn to become a team.  And I’d say that’s happening pretty quickly!


They also won the Novice cutting, supported heartily by Peter’s wife, Kim, who kept a smile on her face despite a lame horse.

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