Chuckles in the Sun

Since I left Chase at home, I was able to focus on this youngster, Cee My Foolish Tangy, at the Arizona Sun Circuit. I was certainly happy with his performance in this large, competitive versatility. There were something like 20 open horses in the all-around. Using the combined scores of the two judges, Carlos was 16th in trail (lots of little penalties, but nothing we can’t polish up), 5th in reining, 4th in cow horse (down the fence in the bridle, caught first loop), 3rd in cutting, and 2nd in ranch riding (loved all the compliments on what a cool mover he is). He learned lots about the whole show scene, eventually settling in and being really solid. Thanks to these folks who made my trip with him be such a success: Debby Sanguinetti, Bee Garcia, Beverly Sparrowk, Kathy Torres, Heather Bryant, Erin Corey. And it was good to see you, Isaac Carrel.

Image may contain: Sarah Clifford, smiling, sky, hat and outdoor
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