Here are some highlights from a whole group of Clifford Horse Training wonderful successes. Erin Corey teamed with Vicki Amon-Higa’s awesome little Jack-Jack to win the the Ranchers’ Choice with me. Christian Scanlan and I won the 13-17 youth Ranchers’ Choice. Then Christian and his capable mom were second in the same class. Both Christian and Sam showed the wonderful new Louie in Ranch Riding. Christian placed tenth in a class of 25 adults, and Sam placed third in Open. Louie is definitely a new family treasure! Dawn Poston placed near the top of every huge amateur class, and walked away with the Ladies’ high point win. Meghan Graddy Carr had the MOST AMAZING personal best ranch riding run. Susan Neubert was SECOND in the huge amateur ranch riding class, the very thing she worked on so hard for weeks. Congrats to Margaret Pare for winning the trail class! Kelly Norwood Saunders, I know I say it every time, but that really was your best reining run ever. Suzanne Woodard Dorrance, that was a great start on a horse that’s so new to you. Kim Donlon, you’re an inspiration to all with your hard work and amazing little cow horse. Larry Sharon Brown Bacon, your cutting was great! Kimberly Schnittger, you and Yellow were wonderful to behold. I know there are others……I am always proud of every single horse and rider because you guys are taking the risk and putting yourselves OUT THERE, having fun, and riding your hearts out.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Sarah Clifford, people smiling, hat and outdoor
Image may contain: 2 people, including Samantha Scanlan, people smiling, people standing and shoes
Image may contain: Dawn Poston and Sarah Clifford, people smiling, people standing, hat and outdoor
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