Thank you, Susan Bancroft and Crew

RR Scene

Here we are, cattle settled and ready to start the cutting on Saturday morning at the Ranch Roundup.  Each year, I find it daunting to deal with the tremendous amount of work required to put on this event.  Each year, I meet old friends and make new ones.  Each year, the show seems to happen with tremendous success.  Each year, just when I think it might be my last on the committee, I find myself talking about “next year.”  No one works harder to see this through than Susan Bancroft.

Thanks to our own Dawn Poston, who got the wonderful prizes.  Thanks to Bryan Jaeger, and his young helpers, who worked tirelessly in the cattle pens.  Brianna Colliard, you make a fabulous announcer.  Our own Malia Aldrich designed a great trail course.  Louie Ray, I don’t really want anyone else judging the sorting. It would be a mess without you. Blake Cadigan, you are the only cattle numbering guy for me.  Judges Bill Sanguinetti and Ramona Koch, you put in long days and did a wonderful job.  The list goes on……..I know I have left out important names……..but you are ALL so important.

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