New Horse For Kelly!!

Kelly looks at Hal

This handsome boy, Hillreycious, now belongs to Kelly Saunders.  Kelly and I took a whirlwind trip to Monument, Colorado to check him out.  I had already given him a good look in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  He was everything we had hoped for: handsome, cowy, experienced,  exposed, talented, and a versatility success at the young age of 5.  This guy is known as Hal, and Kelly plans to keep that name.  It was the name of her beloved father in law.

Trail Ride on Hal

A huge thank you goes to Hal’s owners, Donna and Charlie Stewart.  They allowed us to spend a beautiful Colorado day doing everything we wanted to do on Hal.  This was part of a lovely, long ride through Colorado hills.

Here, Kelly works a buffalo with Trainer Lavert Avent.  Thanks to Lavert for the great training on this horse and the time he spent with us.

Kelly drags log on Hal

Hall was an expert at every obstacle on Donna and Charlie’s course.

Hal Cuts a CowHal Stops

These are just great photos of Hall competing last year as a four-year-old at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.

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