Exciting New Changes!

I would like to announce the addition of my nephew, Isaac Carrel, to the Clifford Horse Training team.  Isaac is a talented, accomplished, and VERY hard-working young man with an eye to becoming a professional horse trainer.   Isaac is the son of my brother, Charlie Carrel, who is also a horse trainer.  Isaac, now age 25, was raised in Sheridan, Wyoming on a horse-training facility, surrounded by good horses, riders, and instructors.  He has ridden all his life, a passion he shares with his passion for baseball.  After a stand-out high school baseball career, Isaac graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin, where he was recruited and played Division I baseball.  Isaac is currently completing his Masters Degree in Sports Management and working for my brother and sister in law, preparing horses for the Denver Stock Show this month.  He will come to California and begin working in early February.
Isaac will come to California as an independent contractor, complete with his own insurance.  I visualize him spending a part of every day with me, working, learning, and interning, then traveling to other barns and homes to instruct and ride horses independently. For those of you who have horses at home or boarded, and are needing help keeping those horse ridden and fit, Isaac could be the answer.  He will put quality time on your horses, consulting with me throughout. For those of you who have horses in training with me, he WILL be riding your horses on occasion, initially under my tutelage.  You can be certain that he will only contribute to the education and fitness of your animals.  He will have his own insurance, and will be giving some lessons.  I imagine Isaac as a valuable asset when I am traveling, either as an assistant at the shows or as someone who can keep things running at the ranch in my absence.  I would also like to announce that Clifford Horse Training will be available to start colts again.  For years, colt starting was a specialty of mine, something I really enjoyed.  But I have phased that part of my business out, mostly because of a growing show horse business and my advancing age.  Now that I will have Isaac to crawl on those babies, I say “Bring ’em on!”  You can be certain that they will get a wonderful start.
I am very excited about this new addition to my program, and I KNOW that you will all love Isaac.
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