Time for My Special Tribute

For the Sparrowk show, I have two special mentions:

Let me begin with Kim Donlon.  This rider, paired with her mare, SR Dixie Chexx, has come further than I ever imagined.  The Sparrowk show was evidence of that.  Dixie fits the description of “talented, yet difficult.”  To convince this hot, cutting bred mare to do something as precise and quiet as Trail or Ranch Riding is a very tall order.  Even a year ago, these were the added classes that had to be done, while Dixie went and won the cutting every time.  But there are few riders who work as diligently as Kim.  She has been determined to make this mare viable in every class.  She has never lost her sights on ranch VERSATILITY.  Meanwhile, she is one of the best team players going.  The end result was a third place finish in the very competitive Limited division.  I am so proud to have both this rider AND this horse as a part of my program.  They have shown me that every moment of my commitment and their commitment is worth it.

Donlon WIns

Let me finish with Pat Grant, DVM, and her lovely Bentley.  This is a novice rider who has “begun from the beginning,” and so has her horse.  To top it off, Bentley is not a quarter horse, but  Missouri fox trotter.  No matter.  It’s the commitment and attitude that count.  Even after a winter of injury, Pat’s dedication has never wavered.  The Novice division is large and competitive.  But it was Pat and Bentley who came out on top in Novice Trail.  Although Pat is always smiling, none of this is trivial to her.  She is a true student of Versatility, wanting to know how she is performing through every detail of the event.  Again, this is another horse and rider pair that is a joy to have in my program.

Pat Wins Ranch Riding

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