Good Bye, Star Man. Horse Heaven Has a Special Place for You.


Peter and Kim Smoot said good-bye to this fabulous horse last week.  I feel lucky to have worked with this pair for over a year.  They came so far. But that was not even the most remarkable thing about the Peter/Star Man relationship. Star Man was very nearly blind in the latter part of our time working together.  I marveled at how Peter continued to ride him, school him, and enjoy him, even on trail rides and in steep country.  They had a remarkable working agreement.  Star Man had complete trust and never refused what Peter asked.   Peter had found a number of cues, some verbal, some physical.  Star Man would listen, pick up his feet, step over logs, even slide down hills.  It was a rare and wonderful agreement: “You take care of me, buddy, and I will take care of you.”

In the end, it was not blindness, but a severely damaged tendon that led to Star Man’s trip to horse heaven.  We’ll never forget you, Star Man.

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