Favorite Performances

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This photo of Gerry Montgomery and Rio is a couple of years old, but they showed their “stuff” again at the Trigger Happy Show.  I was so proud of Gerry for completing a full versatility in the Walk/Trot division.  And she won a beautiful buckle as proof!! This pair plans to compete again this summer, and I am looking forward to watching their progress.  You go, Gerry!!


I keep using this same photo of Cheri, so we will need to get something “official” to document her fabulous performance at the Trigger Happy Show.  Cheri and Styler won four of the five classes in the large and competitive Novice division.  What an improvement this pair has shown, and they have only been together for ten months! If anyone wants to know how she could win four of the five classes and not win the all-around, I can explain.  She was the Reserve Champion, however, and that was FANTASTIC.

Finally, one of Cheri’s top contenders in the Novice was Alexi Connell and her new horse, Tommy.  I will need to get a photo of this great pair too.  Alexi has found her perfect partner, and I know that they will go far.  They showed well in every class (earning an 81 in Ranch Riding), learned a huge amount, and found confidence in every step they took.  Can’t wait for the next show.


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