Thank Yous!!!

I feel that I have so many people to thank for my successful Houston trip.  Let me start right here at home.  Thank you to my family, my dog, and all my clients for carrying on in my absence.  I couldn’t do it without you!!  Thank you to Alexi Connell for taking such wonderful care of my place. Thank you to A Big Sur Affair Catering for feeding me and my travel buddies so well.  Never have I eaten like that on a horse trip!! Thank you to Kathy Torres for getting me to Houston.  You are a true friend and a like-minded trainer.  I will always value your friendship and support. Thank you to Chris Ward for teaching me how to make those corners for a better trip down the fence.  Chris, you have a wonderful business and some very lucky students in Houston. Congratulations on their performances at Worlds.  We’re proud of you as a Monterey native.  Thanks to Andrea Pasek for teaching me to be the best sport a person could possibly be.  I am so glad for Grace’s good health and for your travel buddy friendship.  You are definitely a person that anyone would love to have on a trip.  Thanks to Nanny Carrel for being the best co-owner ever.  Yep, we have a good one.  Thanks to Maribeth Darras for your sponsorship and support.  Glad you love your new pony. Thanks to Steinbeck Country Equine (Tim Eastman) and Monterey County Equine (Heather Baker)
for the lubed joints and good health of my pony.  Thanks to Bob and Becky Grant and all of team Arizona.  The Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association was certainly a force to be reckoned with at the World Level.  Congrats, Bob, on your top ten finish.  Thanks to Debby Sanguinetti and Michelle Ulrech for your support from team California.  Congratulations, Debby, on your fifth place finish. You are the only woman to crack that top five.  I will always admire your wisdom and ability to show.

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