When it’s Wintertime at Clifford Horse Training…..


Well, this photo depicts wintertime in Arizona, not California’s Central Coast.  However, the subjects are very much part of our world.  This is Maribeth Darras, riding “Andy.”  I had the honor of finding Andy and delivering him to Maribeth during the October Arizona trip.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to see them doing so well together.

Here in California, we are getting some of the water we had hoped for.  All of this is leading to new, green grass.  Many of you are enjoying turning your horses onto this new grass, outside of their paddocks and pastures.  You are welcome to do so.  Just keep these things in mind:

*The front gate should always be closed if a horse is turned out.

*If more than one horse is turned out, be sure that the horses are compatible, that they know each other and are pastured together.

*Please do not allow any horses to graze between the arena and the first pasture.  If they become entangled in the mechanical cow, they can become seriously injured, as well as damaging my expensive equipment!

*So….keep track of your horse.  You should be within eyesight of them, and if they get running or teasing the horses in the pastures, they need to be captured!!


If you are a GSVRHA member, you need to RSVP to the year-end banquet by January 16.  I hope that many of you can attend.  We can car-pool to Livermore and it will be FUN!!  Who knows?  You may be winning an award!  Also, we will be (briefly) holding the annual GSVRHA members’ meeting.  Find out about rule changes and additions.

The first GSVRHA show has been scheduled for April 22 and 23 in Clements at the beautiful Sparrowk Land and Livestock Ranch.  Keep checking the GSVRHA website as our schedule develops.






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