To Blanket or Not to Blanket?

It’s the time of year when everyone wants an answer to this question.  I think it’s necessary only if it’s really cold AND wet.  If it’s warm and wet, or cold and dry, it’s just not needed.  Nature has provided most of your horses, including the ones that live outside, with the adequate coat.  Also, recent studies have suggested that not blanketing sets up your horses for a healthier, more natural coat-growing pattern.  Also, If you start the process and change your horse’s nightly temperature, you will need to continue throughout the winter.  So I am encouraging NOT doing regular nightly blanketing unless your horse is a special case.  It might ease your mind to know that you can provide me with a good, WATER PROOF blanket (with your horse’s name on it), and I will promise to use it if those conditions should ensue, no charge.

All of that being said, I completely understand if you are in the habit of blanketing and you really want that for your horse, regardless of conditions.  Let me know if that’s that case.  The extra charge for that is 30.00 per month.  So far, Chase and Red are the only ones being blanketed.  Red has very little coat and is easily chilled.  Chase has a summer coat because he is under lights for winter showing.

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