This Boy Deserves a Break

IMG_20140326_155647_346Months of preparation, 3,800 miles in a trailer, nights spent in six different locations, five events.  This horse has given me so much, and he takes it all in stride.  He is an excellent, healthy traveler and he gives his all whenever he is asked.  He is sixth in the world in the event of Ranch Horse Versatility.  Thanks to all of you, my supporters and clients and family who put up with my absence.  Thanks to my  mom and partner. You have made it possible for me to own such a great animal.  Thanks to my sponsors (see updated list).

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2 Responses to This Boy Deserves a Break

  1. Nancy Carrel says:

    AHHHHH Sarah, I love your tribute to your horse!! 🙂 And I am so glad you made it back safely, after such a loooooong trip! Yes indeed, Chase is a TROOPER. 🙂 And congratulations on doing even better overall than last year. Char has all kinds of ideas for your roping practice, I think.

    Bet Tom and Rachel were glad to see you!

    Will you be seeing Hilary and Seth soon?


    Love, Mom

  2. Janet says:

    Yes!!! Chase, we love you!! This beautiful, talented, and accomplished boy (still young!!) has proven himself in every way. He is a terrific partner.

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