I Always Have the Best of Intentions….

IMG_20140126_101159_684Yup, I’m always planning on “blogging” while I am competing and away on these trips.  That was the purpose of forming the blog in the first place!   But….I never seem to get it done while I’m showing my horse.

This is Cathe Torres’s student, Andrea Passick, competing in the trail class at the Sun Circuit.  You can see some of the course behind her.  It was imaginative and “ranchy.”  Behind the trail course are signs indicating the gait changes for the Ranch Riding.   The course, designed by my friend Bob Schubbe, flowed well.  But with 33 competitors, it was well past noon before the trail/ranch riding was completed.  I was delighted to have that many competitors, making my fourth place finish worth points.  My Cowpony was wonderful all day, especially in the cutting, where I have been struggling.  But Rachel and I were very tired when we finished showing in conformation at 10:30 P.M.

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