A Feather in the Cap of the Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse Association

photo(25)Five intrepid Carmel River Ranch stalwarts headed to Lincoln, Ca. last weekend for the GSVRHA/NVRHA show hosted by Chris Bugenig.  A huge thanks goes out to Chris, Sarah Kennedy, and all the folks who worked hard to put on such a great show. Thanks, too, to Karen Arlin for judging.  The facility was a lovely spot for a versatility.  We had a great outdoor trail course, complete with running water to cross.  The cattle were good and the prizes were creative and beautiful.  The day ran smoothly and was expertly planned.

Margaret Pare and Kim Schnittger attended the (rainy)  clinic on Saturday.  Kelly Saunders, Rachel, and I joined them on Sunday after spending the night with Grace Ferguson and family.  Everyone rode well and we returned with lots of hardware.

Left to right: Kelly Saunders was second in Advanced Amateur.  She won the Working Ranch Class and was the only competitor to catch in the roping.  I won the open, but kudos to my competitor, Kris Urlaub, who has come so far in one short year! Kim Schnittger had the performance of the day, winning second in Novice.  She and Twister had it goin’ on! Rachel Clifford scraped by for a close win in the Youth over Sonny Gorba.  It was a delight to watch these two talented girls go at it head to head all day.  This is the future of our sport.  Margaret Pare won the Limited (a very competitive group).  Several of us, including Maribeth Darras (we miss you!), won prizes as part of the series.  So all in all, we headed home a happy bunch.





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