Summer Schedules

I’d like to map out a schedule of shows on into the fall.  Most of these shows are ones I plan to attend, and I would love to be joined by as many of you as possible.

1. July 12.  Sacramento.  Cal-Expo (California State Fair) AQHA versatility and Ranch          Horse Pleasure  competition.  There is also a Limited at this show! Go to for info and entries.

2. Tuesday, July 23. Reined cow horse show at Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.  This is an NRCHA show, so you do need to be a member of that organization.  This is one of my favorite places to show anywhere.  Great ground and facilities.  Call the Horse Show office for info: (805)238-5098.

3.  July 25-28.  AQHA sanctioned show in Watsonville.  I love this show, because it is close, well-run, and full of good horses.  It includes cow horse classes (with boxing classes), ranch horse pleasure, reining for all levels,  and cutting. There are even good vendors and good food.  I will go to at least two days of this show.

4. August 4.  Monterey National Horse Show, Cow Horse Show.  This is a show to replace the versatility that was held the past couple of years.  I am sorry that there will not be a versatility, but Rachelle Lightfoot has put together a nice day with three classes: Novice boxing, boxing, and open cow horse.

5.August 10 and 11. Carmel Valley NVRHA Clinic and Show. Yipppeeee!  This is another event for the Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse.  There is a division for anyone who wants to give it a try.  Go to the Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club website to download entry forms and information.  This will be a blast!

6. I am planning a trip to Nevada in late August.  I know, I know…’s a long way.  But I love going to Elko.  This is real cowboy, ranching country.  The shows are full of outstanding ranch horse who really do the job on a daily basis.  And who can resist a trip to Capriola’s? August 23 is an AQHA versatility in Elko. Then, two days later, as we make a return trip, we can stop in Winnemucca and do it again!  Good planning by the Nevada Quarter Horse Association.  Call or Google them for more info. about this.

Look back into the March archives of this blog, and you will see Debby Sanguinetti’s schedule.  It’s full of good contact information.  As we move into August, I will post another schedule for fall months.  There will be more GSVRH events, more AQHA events, and Ranch Roundup, just to mention a few.

Whew! Let me know if any of this sounds appealing to you.

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