So….What Happened in Placerville?

The El Dorado County Fair was the kick-off for the Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse’s new NVRHA affiliate.  And what a success it was!  Fourteen riders joined the fun. And who was the high scoring team of the day? It was Maribeth Darras and Smart Flashy Freckle (Dubyah).  They turned in one of the most consistent  performances I have seen in any versatility.  In fact, they were strong in every single class.  I have always maintained that in versatility, where there is so much to accomplish, consistency will win the day.  Maribeth and Dubyah are perfect examples.  photo(9)

Margaret Pare and Cotton competed as well.  They had a good day, but Cotton still has lots to learn about county fairs, monster trucks, and motorcycle jumpers.  You can ask Margaret about that.

I spent the night before with Karen Arlin, then drove up to Placerville with her.  Spending time with Karen and George and seeing their place in Escalon was really enjoyable.  Under my supervision (which seems odd), Karen became a sanctioned NVRHA judge.  Adding an experienced, quality judge of Karen’s caliber is a huge step in the right direction for NVRHA.

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1 Response to So….What Happened in Placerville?

  1. Gerry Montgomery says:

    Huge congrats to Maribeth and her horse, Dubyah. Wish I’d been there to see them work.

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