So What Happened in Woodside?

Well……first let me tell you what didn’t happen.  I didn’t take a single photo.  Did anyone else come up with some offerings?  Margaret? Maribeth? Karin? Grace?  I meant to take lots on Sunday, but became very distracted by the whole Sally incident.  It was all I could do to muster some feeble coaching.

Let’s start with some Carmel River Ranch highlights on Saturday.  Rachel Clifford was second in trail.  Again, she is competing in the open……and once again she beat her mother!  I was second in working ranch and placed in every other class, giving me a fourth place finish overall.  This was good for 1/2 point,  giving me a total of 3 points on the year.  I’m feeling ahead of schedule.   Rachel was fourth in working ranch, despite the fact that she missed both her loops.  Not bad!  But my favorite performance of the day came from Maribeth Darras in working ranch.  She ran a difficult reining pattern (four flying changes), went down the fence with poise, and threw two solid loops.  Working Ranch is definitely the most difficult class for Maribeth, but soon it will be a strength.

On Sunday, we got to see Janet McGarvey continue her winning ways.  She was second overall in the limited.  This was after winning trail, being second in cutting, and second in working ranch.  Janet and Piper have become such a strong pair.  They are a testament to hard work.  Margaret Pare and Cotton had a wonderful, consistent day, finishing third overall.  Finally, thanks to Karin Jones and Grace Davis for coming and supporting us. You’re an awesome part of the team!   

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