Best Little Cow Dog Will Need to Take a Break

IMG_20130527_170451_192Somehow, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, our beloved Sally met with a fierce opponent.  Rachel and I were away at a show in Woodside.   A raccoon? A car? Both? Thanks to Tommy for handling all the emergency rescuing and triage.  Thanks to our neighbors for locating her under their parked car. Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts.  Sally will undergo surgery tomorrow for a perforated diaphragm, provided she has responded sufficiently to a medication for heart arrhythmia.  She also has a badly broken paw.  So send her some good thoughts.

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3 Responses to Best Little Cow Dog Will Need to Take a Break

  1. Gerry Montgomery says:

    OMG! Did she get hit by a car? Please keep us in the loop on how she’s doing.
    I’ll stop by to see her with some cookies when she is on the mend.

  2. Janet says:

    EVERY good thought and BEST wishes for the terrific and beloved Sally. (Look at that picture!!!) If love alone could heal she’d be back in action today! Lia and I are with you all constantly, sending our best. Sally will be in our thoughts tomorrow for sure. And thereafter too. Much love to your family, the best she could have.

  3. Nancy Carrel says:

    Omigoodness! How AWFUL! And she looks so SAD. Oh dear.

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