And What A Weekend It Was! The Ranch Horse Classic Was a Classic.

Photos from Bill Meneke will come in, bit by bit. But in the meantime I wanted to mention some of the highlights of the weekend.  Let’s start with the Open/Amateur on Saturday.  Kelly Saunders and Mike Hardcastle were amazingly consistent all day. Maribeth Darras WON the open/amateur trail class, beating us all with a nearly flawless performance.  Rachel Clifford caught her cow in the Working Ranch class, finishing fifth and beating me!  She also placed ninth in trail.  I won the Ranch Riding, stayed consistent all day, and finishing  third overall, placing in everything except for conformation.  But my favorite performance of the day came from Cathe Martorella, competing for her first time in the open/amateur.  Hook and Cathe stepped up to the plate, showing strong and completing every class. Believe me, it ain’t easy to take this step, and they did it with calm and grace.

The limited on Saturday had many memorable performances.  The day was won by Janet McGarvey and Piper.  But this didn’t come easily.  They tied for points with Margaret Pare and Cotton.  A tie is broken by the score from the Working Ranch Class.  Janet and Margaret placed third and fourth in this class, with Janet scoring higher by one half point.  Yup! That’s what it cam down to.  The buckle (first) and headstall (second) are shown at the bottom of this page.  So proud of Janet and Margaret and their wonderful horses.  Other performances I would like to mention: Nancy Scarpitto was second in cutting with a perfectly executed run.   Gerry Montgomery was consistent all day.  She cut her cow, penned it clean, and significantly improved her scores over last year.  Larry Bacon placed fourth overall, rarely entering the penalty box and he and Chica turned in one solid performance after another.  Karin Jones also rode consistently as her Big Red showed us how far he’s come in handling the stress of the show.  Grace Davis and Casino were our newbies to versatility.  I am so proud of them for completing their first full versatility. They showed strong, completed everything, and know where to go from here. Keep your eye on this pair!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  The weather was good, the show went smoothly,  and we have such wonderful horses to celebrate.   Even the food was delicious, thanks to Grace Davis’s contribution from Lou Lou’s Diner on Sunday.   If I could choose one thing to be thankful for, it would be the quality of our wonderful horses. Let’s keep it up, team Carmel River Ranch! It only gets better from here.


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2 Responses to And What A Weekend It Was! The Ranch Horse Classic Was a Classic.

  1. Karin Jones says:

    And thank YOU Sarah for the tremendous amount of work and effort you put in to make this show possible. It was an amazing weekend and those of us who benefit from your training are truly fortunate people (and horses) indeed!

  2. malia says:

    Everyone at CRR is amazing! I loved watching all you awesome cowboys & cowGIRLS all weekend long. It is super fun to design the trail course for the show I think this is the 3rd year in a row, I can’t take all the credit though, This year Kristi and Jen really helped make it extra hard! I have to say that I too am super proud of all you and your talented horses. Everyone looked awesome, the horses looked shiny, your duds were stylin and I was stoked to see so many friendly faces. I miss all of you so much! I have to add that baby Joy is horse crazy and she had her first bareback ride on miss Noche and cried when I took her off..I am in trouble! xoxo

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