Rowdy Girls Ranch Rodeo Roundup!!!!

0330131833aYep.  You’re lookin’ at three Rowdy Rodeo Girls.  This was team Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup, since we are all on that board.  You can’t see our matching yellow shirts.  Yesterday, Kristi Whelan, Kelly Saunders, and I competed as a team at the first Rowdy Girls Ranch Rodeo at the Salinas Posse Grounds.  It was quite the adventure.  I’ve got to hand it to the organizers for coming up with a great concept……even if it was a bit ambitious.  We’ve left the grounds at 8:30 in the evening.  The day started with events we know all about……reining and trail.  I actually won the reining (and a buckle) out of 25 competitors. Chase was good. Kristi rode what I thought was a flawless trail course. Not so, we learned later. Guess you’re supposed to turn and face that log before you undally (Not in my versatility world)?  Kelly placed third out of 25 in a tough cutting event.  But that third place check didn’t come easily. She tied with another rider, my friend Heidi Lackey.  So, to settle the tie, they were given the option of flipping a coin or running a single stake race.  Of course Kelly (ever the gamer) opted for the race.  Heidi agreed.  Off they went, to enormous whoops and hollers. By a tenth of a second, Kelly won for team Carmel Valley Ranch Roundup.  By then, the whole competition had moved into the realm of rowdy.  Want to see Kristi heel a calf in the branding pen? Want to see Kelly mug and “brand” a calf? Want to see three calves get cut and loaded (horseback) into a trailer in under 15 seconds?  Go to the Rowdy Girls!  We all found ourselves descending into fits of giggles as we threw ourselves into things we’d never even pictured before yesterday.  Crazy!  Needless to say, we are a little tired this Easter.  And what good horses we have!

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