Wise Words From Kelly Saunders

My good friend  Kelly Saunders wrote the following words.  They mean more to me than you could possibly imagine. I will treasure them forever because I have spent most of my life trying to create just this kind of horse:

To all my fellow versatility riders:
When I was in Sacramento for Project Cowgirl I noticed that most of the horses were not truly all around horses. We had gals from Texas, Arizona, Montana, etc. and the majority of their horses were quiet and nice, but not finished. Some of the horses were very good at reining or trail or working a cow, but to have a horse that could compete in all those events was rare. Even the horse the winner rode had issues. I had asked her a day or two earlier if she showed her horse because he was very nice. She said he had won the Snaffle Bit Futurity a few years earlier,  but she (Jenny) did not show him because he was “blown for the show pen.”

I just want to remind myself and all my friends how nice our horses are. It takes years to train for all the events we ride: trail, ranch riding, cow work, reining, and yes even roping. I do not know of any of our horses that is “blown.” Sarah is doing a great job for us and for our horses by helping us train our horses to be true versatility horses. So when our horses do not perform perfectly we need to remember how much they do right. I have heard Sarah say this lots of times, but it only recently made sense to me and I wanted to share my revelation.

Go Versatility Horses!
Kelly Saunders

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3 Responses to Wise Words From Kelly Saunders

  1. Gerry Montgomery says:

    Well said Kelly! And so true.

    • Shawn Lohay says:

      I can honestly admit I often loose sight of the simple fact we ARE asking alot of our horses by competing in Versatility. We are truly lucky to have Sarah and each other for support and encouragement at all our events, especially since we all have our good days and our bad days.

      I am so proud of you Kelly for participating in project Cowgirl and showing them what a real all around horse looks like.

  2. Joyce Esernia says:

    Kelly, congratulations on your project cowgirl performance. That takes real talent and grit!!! I read about it in AQHA journal and was amazed at all the requirements.

    Thank you for your comments above. I am often frustrated at how long this process takes for the rider. I haven’t had to worry about my horses as I know Sarah will always keep their best interests in mind. Reading about the horses you encountered in your experience makes me appreciate our circumstances even more.

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