So What Happened in Farmington?

I know, it’s been two weeks…..and I’m finally getting caught up. But the Farmington NVRHA was a wonderful show, expertly run by Chris Bugenig. Margaret Pare, Shawn Lohay, and Maribeth Hogoboom went up the day before in order to participate in the clinic. Rachel and I joined them the following morning after spending the night with good friend Debby Sanguinetti. Margaret has recently suffered a torn ACL and felt it risky to do the very fast and demanding things required in a versatility show. So we decided that I would show Cotton in the open. Jack (the horse)is resting and growing out a quarter crack, so Rachel showed Chase, a good mental exercise for both of them. So here were the results of the day:

Shawn, showing in novice, won the cutting. I’m loving Lily, her little mare newly residing in our mare pasture.

Maribeth, showing in amateur advanced, also won the cutting. I guess we must be making some cow horses here at Clifford Horse Training!

Rachel won the youth buckle, after winning trail, ranch riding, and working ranch. It was great to see her be so successful on a horse she has ridden very little. It was also great to have Chase exposed to an excellent and difficult trail course. Both Chase and Dubyah placed in the top five in halter.

In the open, I was delighted to win on Cotton. He is a very capable fellow, ready to step up and do the most difficult tasks. He went down the fence well, and held a large, bucking steer after I roped it. He also completed the best trail class I’ve ever ridden….on any horse! What a good boy!! Here, Margaret and Cotton display the beautiful headstall that Cotton won that day.

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2 Responses to So What Happened in Farmington?

  1. Janet says:

    Way to go, Cotton and Sarah!! Margaret, I know you are a very excited mama. A terrific future ahead for you. Rachel!!!! Very proud of you. And Mb and Shawn, so great!!! Carmel River Ranch was well represented. Yay team!!!

  2. Cathe says:

    Congrats to all!! New bling for the cutest horse at the ranch!!

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