Kelly and Janet, Our Heroes

Sometimes, when we’re not looking, our folks are doing amazing things. Last week, Kelly Saunders went to Sacramento to compete as a finalist in “Project Cowgirl.” After submitting a video, Kelly was selected with 35 other women from around the country. She had to speak extemporaneously, cook, and most of all, RIDE! From the 35 horse/rider pairs, Kelly and Yellow were chosen as one of the ten finalists, where they competed in front of a sold-out crowd in a “freestyle.” They chose to ask for a cow, where Kelly took the cow down the fence. Then, she dropped her bridle and began to run a bridleless reining pattern! Kelly’s horsemanship was among the best. She finished ninth, not quite having the “made for TV” package, full of bling and presentation, that some of the other girls had prepared. But we love Kelly just the way she is, riding one of the best cow horses around. You go, Kelly. You’re our real cowgirl, and we are so proud of you. We can watch Kelly in October on RFD-TV in the reality TV show, Project Cowgirl. More on that later.

And Janet McGarvey? Well, all she did last week was deliver a graduation speech in front of 1000 people in Herbst Theater in San Francisco. Wow!

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