This is Fiesta, a ten-year-old mare belonging to Jennifer Nuckton. Fiesta
has a wonderful, solid foundation in dressage from Jennifer Roth. But as Jen
Nuckton continues in dressage, she wants something more specifically suited
to that event. Fiesta is by a high quality Andalusian stallion and out of a
paint/paso fino mare. Fiesta is not gaited at all, and seems to carry mostly
Andalusian traits. I had a blast riding this cool little mare, who stands at
15.2 hands. She is forward and energetic, but not “hot.” She was highly
sensitive without being tense, and she did everything I asked of her,
including a variety of trail obstacles. I exposed her to many things in a
new environment, and I found her alert, willing, aware, but not spooky. This
is just how Jen Nuckton would describe her on the trail, where she has been
ridden extensively. This is not a horse for a beginner, or for the faint of
heart, but she is safe for anyone with some experience and coaching. Fiesta
is gorgeous to look at, very sound and healthy, ties, trailers, and goes out
alone. She has a bright future in a number of careers. Western dressage,
anyone? Competitive trail riding? The list goes on…..Contact me if you’d
like to see Fiesta. 747-7545.

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