Welcome to the world, Marshall William Mockler!

Toby and Paula Mockler were recently blessed with a baby boy! Marshall was born nine weeks early. This was a shock to his parents, who experienced several stressful days at CHOMP. He was transferred from CHOMP to the NICU at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, where he is doing well and proving to be “feisty” and healthy….not a surprise, since he is a Mockler! But Toby and Paula are faced with daily trips (sometimes twice a day) to Salinas and hours in the hospital with their tiny new addition. Needless to say, this is stressful and expensive. On Saturday, at my Ranch Horse Pleasure Clinic, I will place a jar for donations on the picnic table. Even the smallest amount will be appreciated. I also plan to contribute some of my proceeds from the day to a “gas fun” for this deserving little family. It’s always a pleasure to help a family from our larger family of horse people. I know they would do the same for us!!!

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