Ranch Horse Pleasure–In Action

Two weeks ago, I went to a quarter horse show at Rancho Murieta (outside of Sacramento) to participate and compete in the first Ranch Horse Pleasure class in California……and one of the first in the nation! I showed Hook for Cathe Martorella and Chase. Because Hook was first to show in the class, he was the first horse in California to ever be judged in this event. I was really proud of both horses, who finished in the middle of the class. They did exactly what was asked of them. This class is an exciting addition to the quarter horse lineup. I think we have a unique opportunity to be part of its evolution. You may not not be able to see the poles at the far end of the arena, which I “clunked” on both horses. Otherwise, I think they would have placed near the top of the class. At any rate, this is a wonderful combination of trail, ranch riding, and reining. In other words, it represents a good “broke” ranch horse. Thanks so much to Karin Jones for accompanying me on this trip and taking this video. She was a great help all day…..in more ways than one. On March 31 I will be giving a clinic in this event. Unfortunately, the clinic has filled. But if you want some instruction in Ranch Horse Pleasure, give me a call!


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1 Response to Ranch Horse Pleasure–In Action

  1. Cathe says:

    You guys look great! Thank you Sarah!

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