Babe Revisited

A few months back I posted information on Babe, a lovely cutting mare with lots of versatility potential. Babe is still available. I would like to stress what a lovely mind she has….willing to do anything that’s asked of her. As this video makes clear, Babe is loaded with athletic ability, and plenty of “cow.”  Here, she is winning a cutting class with trainer Bobby Cotta. But she has also been shown with great success by amateur owner Pamela Musgrave.  I can’t say enough good things about this mare. And to top it off, Babe’s price has dropped dramatically. Call me if you have questions.  Also, you can get more information, photos, and another video by visiting

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1 Response to Babe Revisited

  1. earthtu-others says:

    HI Sarah,I didn’t even mention Babe when I saw you yesterday because  I assumed she’d been sold by now.  She has been on my mind and I sure like what I see.Let’s talk when you have time.  Cynthia 659-2115

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