Dugan Karlsen Aldrich 4/27/1997-12/29/2011

I am a lifelong horsewoman. I have ridden and worked with hundreds of horses. Dugan was one of the very best. Malia trained him beautifully. He had the athleticism, good looks, and great mind to compete at top levels. Then, a child could climb on his back and he would carefully adjust to fit that rider. Many people, at all levels, benefitted through Dugan. Whether it was someone learning to jog or someone learning perfect flying changes, Dugan could provide.

One of my favorite memories is of the very first Ranch Horse Classic Versatility. Malia had decided to step up and take on some of the top versatility riders in the country. The first class was trail. Malia and Dugan were flawless and won the class. I was immediately approached by my friend Debby Sanguinetti, who has won more California versatilties than anyone. “Who is that?” she asked. “She’s great!” Debby was right, and has never asked that question again.

Dugan’s last year was one of his most fruitful. He was gorgeous, stopping big, learning to rope fast cattle, teaching adoring riders. That is exactly how I will remember him. But there will always be an emptiness in my front pasture and a special place for him in my heart.

These special photos remind me that Dugan, Malia, and Forrest gave each other Joy.



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1 Response to Dugan Karlsen Aldrich 4/27/1997-12/29/2011

  1. Janet says:

    Oh, I remember these moments well. Dugan, what a totally cool horse. And Malia, so strong and daring. This is one of my all-time favorite photos!

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