Horse Park Festivities

As some of you know, I have become a board member for the proposed Monterey Horse Park in Fort Ord. This Thursday, December 15, the board will hold a Holiday party and open house for anyone interested in learning more about the Horse Park. It will be held from 4:00 to 8:00 at a lovely Fort Ord building on Imjin Road in Seaside. Come attend this event with me! I can promise you great free food, drink, and info. I have told my fellow board members that I will bring as many enthusiastic people as possible from the western riding community….but of course horse folk of ANY sort are welcome. I will probably attend for a couple of hours, maybe from 6:00 to 7:30 or so, and I want COMPANY. Give me a call if you would like to attend. You may be espcially interested if you are someone who likes to trail ride in Fort Ord.

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2 Responses to Horse Park Festivities

  1. Laney says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. Wish I’d known at the time. I sure would have gone with you.

  2. laura says:

    What are the directions?

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