Double Congratulations!

Nancy Scarpitto has done it………six perfect lope-overs. Go Hobby! She broke Cathe’s record a week ago and earned a free lesson. Cathe was there, cheering her on and setting the poles. But now Cathe is dying to break the record again. I think we’ve got something going! Anyone else willing to try seven?

Also, congrats to Maribeth Hogoboom and Dubyah. They won the amateur division of the Region 10 versatility on Sunday. What a gorgeous buckle! I judged some of the classes, and they were so poised and consistant. Definitely well earned……by one slim point! Kudos to Shawn Lohay and Sassy and Margaret Pare and Cotton. Both pairs did a wonderful job throughout the day, winning many ribbons. Margaret showed one-handed for the first time, and young Cotton was up to the task.

Now for the embarrassing part. I took photos of Nancy and Maribeth, intending to include them on the blog……..then proceeded to erase the photos from my phone. Sorry guys, you were awesome!

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2 Responses to Double Congratulations!

  1. Suzi Baker says:

    Congratulations to you and Hobby. You and he are a great team and I miss you both. Hope to find another riding outlet—the vet recommended 12years quarter horse. Star is happily retired gut I don’t see dressage horses and me. But I’ll do anything to get back up. Give the Hobster a carrot for me.Syzu

  2. Cynthia Hertlein says:

    WAY TO GO!

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