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Things have changed dramatically in the versatililty world since the EHM virus has surfaced. Here is Debby Sanguinetti’s third edition of her schedule. However, it does not contain two key shows:

The Monterey National Horse Show has returned, and they plan to put on a versatility! This will take place on July 8, right here at our very own Fair Grounds! Rachelle Lightfoot is putting on the show, although it is not Region 10 sponsored. There will be no cutting, and amateur riders will box only. If you are not riding in the Region 10 versatility next weekend, this would be an excellent way to kick off your year.

My friend, Chris Bugenig, is putting on an NVRHA versatility on August 28 in Auburn. I very much want to support her, so NVRHA folk may want to make a fun trip out of it. I will be competing and coaching, not judging.


The following weekend is the Fairlea Ranch event, which has been rescheduled. You’ll see it on Debby’s schedule. I worked hard to get this back on the schedule. It is an AQHA event, but it has a non-sanctioned limited, much like the Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic. I love this show, and I promised Kathy Gould, show manager and NRCHA president, that I would bring some competitors. This will be another fun trip!


All of this being said, I am aware that we are all human (with limited pocketbooks). I don’t want any of you to feel pressured or over-tired, and I am aware that, especially in late August and September, we must all pick and choose. The week following the Exeter event (Fairlea Ranch) is Ranch Roundup!  I know you guys cannot do it all, nor do I expect you to.  Let’s take this virus-filled year and do the best we can with it.  Talk to me anytime about questions or thoughts you might have regarding the schedule. Go team!  

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