Eastern Montana is floating away!

…..and so is northern Wyoming. Please think of my family and send thoughts of “no rain” in that direction. Our family ranch is located just yards away from the Tongue River. And my brother’s training facility is along a very swollen creek that has forced them to move many horses out of their paddocks. But so far no buildings are floating away.

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2 Responses to Eastern Montana is floating away!

  1. cowgirl_amigo says:

    Sarah,I am so hopeful that your brother’s ranch and many others will be saved.  I had heard that it was a possibility for Wyoming and Montana to have big flooding.  Please know that I will definitely pray for your brother and his family and the ranch and the other ranches.  The weather is totally weird this year.  I watched a channel 9 presentation on the “Dust Bowl” and it was making reference to the possibility of another one due to the conditions that are very similar. On the bright side, I am glad you had a great time in Ashland.  The pictures made me want to go.  Shakespeare is a favorite of my son’s as well.  I guess it is in the blood of all English teachers.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Carol  Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 16:09:06 -0700From: post@sarahclifford.posterous.comTo: cowgirl_amigo@hotmail.comSubject: [sarahclifford] Eastern Montana is floating away!

  2. earthtu-others says:

    Will keep them in my prayers at church tomorrow…maximum concentration!

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