Early May News

As I write this, so many of you are off on the LEDV women’s ride. Cathe Martorella and Carol Kurtz, who are on the board, have been working hard to prepare. Also in attendance: Kim Ruiz, Brooke Raimondo, Maribeth Hogoboom, Margaret Pare, Kelly Saunders, Amy Seinfeld (with her new horse), just to name a few. Have fun guys!!!!!! You surely have a bunch of wonderful horses!

Some suggested names for Amy’s new horse:

2.Star (Sis Martorella)
3.Chili (Malia Aldrich)

Let’s keep those names coming!

Cattle will be arriving this Tuesday. Now is the time to get some lessons scheduled, especially if you are entered in the Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic.

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1 Response to Early May News

  1. Gerry Montgomery says:

    How about Vulay or QT as possible names for Amy’s new horse?

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