General Updates

Wow! Can you believe this weather? I have gotten so much done over the past few weeks. I am back doing lots of work at the Trail and Saddle Club. If I knew it was finished raining, I would get some more cattle. But in the meantime, we’ve got plenty to work on.

I have received a very positive response to my proposed lecture series. Many of you have wanted to know what time. The first lecture will be 7-8:30 or so. That will include a tasty dessert. Other questions have involved the cost. I will charge Trail and Saddle Club members 5.00 and their guests 10.00. Since this is a Trail and Saddle Club event, I think it’s important that guests become members if they plan to attend more than three lectures. And remember to put on your thinking caps. Maybe you have something that you would like to share at future lectures.

There have also been many questions about the Sandy Collier clinic. The person to ask is Bobbi Van Bebber. She can be reached at 682-7451. I, for one, am very excited.

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the Trail Challenge this weekend. Give me a call if you plan to trailer in. I have it all figured out…where everyone will park….but it will be helpful if you have some advanced notice. It should work out just fine. Can’t wait!

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1 Response to General Updates

  1. laura says:

    Thank you for yesterday! (Trail course challenge) I know that took a lot of hard work and planning and just wanted you to know it was appreciated!

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