News tidbits from Carmel River Ranch

1.After starting with Jimmy Flores, Rachel Clifford went down the fence today. As she likes to put it: “It was legit.” For a mom, it was an unforgettable sight…especially since the marvelous horse she was on was Solo, 24 years young.

2.I bought William Smith’s trailer, a Sundowner three-horse, goose-neck. William had not found much time or use for it in the past few years, especially since his family is down to one horse. So it just made sense. Anyway, transport to horse shows, T and S Club, trail rides, etc. will suddenly become less complicated. Let me know if your horse needs a ride!

3.On Saturday I competed at Cal-Expo, the state fair. Jack-the-horse and I competed again in Ranch Horse Versatility as we continue our quest to qualify for the AQHA World Championship Show. Again, we fell just short of earning points, finishing sixth. But I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful old horse. He always tries his hardest and rarely finishes out of the ribbons in any performance class. The quest continues on August 8 in Exeter for the Fairlea Ranch versatility. There is also a limited at that show. Please come with me and compete on this beautiful ranch.

4.Cow nite has returned! I again have a nice bunch of heifers (belonging to the Ferrasci family) at the Trail and Saddle Club. If you are a T and S member, please join me on Wednesday nights at 5:30. We work and learn for about an hour each week. Also, I am again available for private lessons with cattle. Just give me a call!

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1 Response to News tidbits from Carmel River Ranch

  1. kate hyde - fairlea ranch says:

    Thanks for the nice mention! We look forward to seeing you on the 8th! There is also a Versatility Clinic on the 7th in case you are interested.

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