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Now that I have some distance and perspective on the NVRHA show, I am truly proud of what we accomplished. When I was in the middle of it, it was hard to know how it was going. But I have received so many positive comments from all of you that I can only conclude good things. Thanks for all your supportive words. I had been meaning to call Dave Currin, the association president, to do a little bragging about the success of our clinic and show. But, when I got down to Temecula, two days after the show, I ran into Jimmy Flores. Apparently, he had already spoken to Dave, and had given the show nothing but praise. So I’m leaving it at that. Better coming from him than me! One comment that Jimmy had is that he thought the Carmel Valley group of riders and horses was the best he had seen in any NVRHA show so far. That’s you guys and your wonderful ponies! And it’s coming from someone who really knows the show world. I’m so proud!!!!!

Finally, it was a true delight to have Janet, Cathe, and Kristi win those buckles. All three of you are so deserving, have come so far, and have such great horses. Pictures will follow.

Kelly Saunders and I travelled to Temecula just after the NVRHA show for an AQHA competition. Kelly rode beautifully, placing second in amateur and receiving 1/2 of an AQHA point. Another 1/2 point and she will qualify for the world show. She did especially well in Ranch Riding, placing third overall, an event she has worked hard to improve.

Jack and I had a good show. We won the Working Ranch class, which has become our specialty. He placed in all other events and went into the halter class in second place. Then…..we were placed last of all horses in the entire show! I was bummed and disappointed. I am starting to think that the NVRHA method of including performance scores in the halter score isn’t so bad! Anyway….the jury’s still out on that one. A real bonus is that Jimmy Flores invited us to spend the night at his ranch on the way home. We saw his gorgeous horse herd and spent time with Jimmy Flores, Sr. The senior Flores is an internationally reknowned bit-maker, leather worker, collector, and rawhide-braider. What a treat!

So, after successfully braving the LA freeways (with Kelly’s help), I consider the trip a wonderful thing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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  1. Valery Lynn says:

    Yes, it was a great show! My first, and I felt very welcome and supported. Thanks to everyone for such a friendly and inviting environment.

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