Carmel Valley NVRHA Versatility Scores

We had a great clinic and show this weekend at the CV Trail and Saddle Club. We will be posting pictures and information shortly, but we wanted to give everyone access to the spreadsheet to review their scores. Click the link at the bottom of the post to access the spreadsheet. There are multiple sheets, but the first one is a summary that Tom created that has everyone’s points (not place) in each event. The final standings in each division is calculated by totalling the points you earned throughout the day. We are making copies of all the score sheets and will be sending those to you soon. If you have any questions about the spreadsheet, feel free to call Tom (831) 626-0628 (or e-mail him at  If you have any horse questions, feel free to call me.

Click here to access the spreadsheet with all the results.

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2 Responses to Carmel Valley NVRHA Versatility Scores

  1. sula nichols says:

    Hello How do I call to set up training with you?My # 831 998 0344 Thanks

  2. Cathe says:

    Amazing job! Thank you so much. You guys went above and beyond to make this a very successful event!

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