Congratulations and Welcome

 After some soul searching, Fran Borda has decided to whittle down her horse herd to the dependable and beloved Geneva. She asked me to find homes for Palastrina (a.k.a. Misty, “little black mare,” Bueno Lil Misty) and Will. I am happy to say that I accomplished this task this week. So, congratulations are in order to:

Amy Seinfeld, new owner of Bueno Lil Misty, who plans to refer to her as “Misty.” I was delighted to sell this awesome little mare to someone who plans to keep her at Carmel River Ranch and continue her training with me. Amy’s twin seven-year-old daughters will love this mare too. After Misty’s performance at the Ranch Horse Classic, I am convinced of this horse’s heart, try, athleticism, and disposition. She is special. As I am fond of saying, “She might be little, but she is mighty.”

The Ferrasci family, new owners of Will (Heres the Plan Grace). With help from Bert Ferrasci, I know that Will is on his way to becoming a fabulous ranch horse, rope horse, cow horse, all-around using horse. This is just the life I wanted for Will, and a working cattle ranch is just the home he should have. I said good-bye to Will thisafternoon, but I will be watching for him! He was born at Fox Creek Ranch, out of a favorite mare and by a world champion paint horse. He’s a gorgeous mover with a bright future. You watch for him too.

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