A Word About the Previous Videos

My first reaction, when I spotted Rachel galloping around Solo’s pasture, bareback with a halter, was to stop her. Then I thought of myself at that age. It’s just the sort of thing I would have relished. So I left her alone. Yea, there’s some danger involved. But I spent my entire summer, dawn to dusk, messing around with my younger brother on things like this. Sometimes, my dad stopped us if he thought we were doing harm to his best horses. Sometimes, we did it without his knowledge on his best horses. But generally, he let us have fun and learn. We took our share of spills, but we became good riders and horse handlers. Charlie and I had an entire cross country jumping course down in our hay meadow. Now, he is a world champion rider of show jumpers. So there was an amazing amount of skill being learned in that hay meadow. Some knowledge comes from disciplined lessons. Some comes from the experimenting we do on our own. I encourage you to try things and enjoy your horses. You will know when you are doing things harmful to your horse. Instict will tell you, and you’ll stop before any real damage is done. Besides, together we can make repairs. But sometimes the best learning can take place when you are on your own. Rachel is reminding me of that. Now this is a kid who enjoys her horse, a lesson we all need.

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