Very Smart Cowpony

Many of you have asked about the new horse. He arrived two days before the Ranch Horse Classic. Many thanks to John Moon for transporting him from Burns, Oregon. And thanks to Corey Shellman for picking him up in Glenns Ferry, Idaho and getting him to Burns. John pulled into the Trail and Saddle Club last Thursday and out climbed Chase. After 14 hours alone in a stock trailer, he looked just fine…fresh as a daisy. He got a drink, took in an eyeful of California, then looked around for something to eat. I wasn’t able to ride him for four days because of the intensity surrounding the CCRHC. It was hard to look at him standing in the pasture, but he used that time to settle in and get to know his mates. I love this horse’s mind, and that’s why he appealed to me from the beginning. He’s already found his place in his small herd of four. There doesn’t seem to be a scratch on him or any of the other horses. By now, I’ve hauled him a couple of places. He’s willingly crossed the Carmel River and done everything I’ve asked of him. He’s integrated into my training schedule. Some of you have stopped by to see him. Yep, I’m falling in love. I’ll try to get more pictures.

Oh yeah….they say it’s bad luck to change a horse’s barn name. Annie Reynolds called him “Sonny.” But…I’ve renamed almost every horse I’ve ever owned. Is that proof that superstition means nothing? I think so. “Chase” it is and will remain. My mom has last word, anyway. Today Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay threw a perfect game. So Mom and I now own a piece of perfection. Cool!

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