First Show of the Year!

Today was the first playday at Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club. This event will continue as the Western Award Series, held on the last Sunday of each month through September. I couldn’t be more proud of my students who participated. In reining, Nancy Scarpitto, Janet McGarvey, and Cathe Martorella were second, third, and fourth (in that order).  In the simple lead change division, Margaret Pare was second and Carol Kurtz was third. In trail, Janet and Cathe were first and second. AWESOME! Then, in the rail classes we had Nancy Scarpitto winning the equitation and Margaret Pare winning the pleasure. This was the fearsome foursome, for sure. Kudos to Toby Smieciuch as well. He and Dolly have improved so much in reining that I hardly recognized them. Two clean flying changes, eh, Toby? I think you’re moving up!

Unfortunately, because I was judging, I was unable to take any pictures. I have included a picture of Margaret, however, as I wanted to say a word about her. Margaret’s great little horse, Cotton, is just now finishing up three months of training. What a lovely young gelding! He has only just turned four, but he has the mind, looks, and athleticism to take him far. Initially, Margaret was not planning on showing him today. But she was certainly asking a lot of questions, so I knew she was tempted. Then, with some added cajoling from Janet and Cathe, she took the step. The results were marvelous. Cotton’s already got his first blue ribbon and I know that Margaret will be back for more. So, Cotton may be leaving CRR, but keep looking for this dynamic duo.

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