The Great Temecula Trip

Going down to Temecula for the NVRHA show was full of “firsts.” It was my first time negotiating LA traffic with a horse trailer. It was my first time giving a clinic and helping with the NVRHA judging, where I scored most of the novice class. It was my first time seeing masses of colorful hot-air balloons rising above the beautiful Temecula vineyards. It was Solo’s first time being shown by anyone other than Rachel. It was not, however, Carol Kurtz’s first novice win in NVRHA (she also won the second show in Paso Robles). For Malia Aldrich, it was her first time feeling that she really got her horse shown in every event. She and Dugan were “on” all day long. I couldn’t have been more proud of my clients.

Again, I want to thank Kathy Torres for sharing her living quarters trailer with me. It was great meeting Kathy’s wonderful family. It was her niece, Ashley, who showed Solo to a third place win in the novice. She and Ashlely spent one day getting to know each other, then went out and aced every event. It seems that Solo, 24 years young, just can’t stop giving. Think how much we owe these amazing animals of ours.

I apologize for having no photos. Ashley’s parents plan to send some, which I promise to put on the blog. Being a clinician and judging is one of the most exhausting thing I have ever done. I came home more tired than I do after showing two horses. The level of concentration was so high and constant that there was no time to even think about taking a photo. Now I know…these judges really earn their money.

The weather was beautiful down there and continues to be beautiful at home. I am back on track with the riding and lessons. Now it’s time to focus on some versatilities at home!!

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  1. Franny says:

    Congratulations Sarah, Malia, Carol and Ashley! Believe me, I am impressed by Sarah’s willingness to brave the LA freeway traffic. I believe the only time I have ever cried behind the wheel was when I was stuck in a borrowed car in crawling traffic on a 5-lane stretch down there, 2 kids in the back seat, lost and definitely going the wrong way, surrounded by 18 wheelers, with no chance of changing lanes to get to an off-ramp. It lives on in my Book of Golden Moments.

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